That Bitch Deleted My Save Game (Demo)

by Senpai Suicide Club


Senpai Suicide Club Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Kamaro's Mask
i'm not fine, you know
washed out with words
original meanings are lost boys
systems inert all the same
here's how the algorithm works

chop off your hands when they tell you to run
burn off your discourse
flatter the third sun
Track Name: Straight Edge No Computer
i am the southside dispute
i am the one resolution
the one resolute to die
respawn then run at the barrel again
i'll leave the rest to my friends

digital compound fractures
chilling display
where we reside
Track Name: Antisocial Algorithm
each floor is separate
each floor is different from myself
projections lit on a backdrop
i watch the colours melt

no screen time
image break
noise on the uptake
i don't pay protection on my mind state

stupid and alone
so i told you so
Track Name: Cracked Cartridges
boots click
sky scorched
she can't be bioformed and i'm
i'm the same way
lost in the med bay
wishing i could feel like the real people
that's what they say

kill what moves
take a life
chemical reactions

transformed but she's not new
i can't help you
blue cracked cryotubes
not safe
infection spread
imminent code red
air vent nests
Track Name: Hexadecimal Changes Faces (Remix)
word play sickened by the sound

i'm left behind
where the walls go grey
and the gramophones drone
from the mouths of babes
it's not ok

a decade of millennia's memorial
torn within conjoined twins
in a civil war of sin
Track Name: Lvl. 17 Digi-Bard
scream out
hurt myself again
what's lost is lost
no i'm not your friend
i can't escape here anymore
what then
the rhythms stay unchanged
crackle when they breach my bones
altered states
broad strokes

take me with you
pixel princess

i don't know why you complain
overthrow the kingdoms in my dreams
i'm broken
my lines won't read
Track Name: A Frog Named Glenn
backwards compatible she's not my age
held out my arms as you bled for a phase
lost in the error codes
3d display
i'm done with this rhyme scheme
childish play

backwards compatible she's not my age
held out my arms as you bled for a change
ghost in the matrix
hitbox betrays
overpowered trash king
childish play

and i don't want to say
downloads codes
beta day

no i'm not casual yes you're the best
held out my arms as i bled from my chest
you skipped the preshow and then stayed for the rest
harder to watch
harder to process

feeble attempts end up dead like the rest
held out my arms as you bled from the tryst
you emptied slowly while i coalesced
harder to watch
harder to process
Track Name: 6/10, Wave Race 64 Had Better Physics
held up
in an apartment building
south block
ninth floor
their radar doesn't reach that far

back log
shatter on impact
i don't have the time to pretend you're different
pretend you're not just like them

prejudice pandemic
schizophrenic handshake
files state part android
a human mistake

so i don't have the time to save a lost soul
who got his robes
i need tomes
i need gold